Quartz crystal sound healing bowl

In performance Anne's approach is to use the full expressive range and physicality of the human voice.  She uses song, speech and extended vocality to bring a vocal composition to life.  Anne has been working with voice theatre teachers and directors to develop her own individual style for ten years. This has resulted in two projects: initially, Open your heart and sing, and then Gibb Rishes Songologue which was premiered in October 2010 at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas, Mumford Theatre, Cambridge. See the media page for a selection of short shots or a video. Currently Anne is creating a project called The Heart's Desire which incorporates voice and movement in collaboration with Cafe Reason Butoh Dance Theatre, Oxford. The project is based on the tapestries La Dame à la Licorne at Cluny Museum, Paris.  

Anne incorporates many of the vocal and notated techniques of contemporary new music composition in her work. These include pre-recorded sound, composed and improvised soundscapes, graphic scores, improvised text, found sounds and many more eclectic, imaginative, eccentric and improvised sounds.  Sometimes in a work or piece she will use an active story line or, a learned text-piece is acted out in the telling or singing.  These are the works and pieces Anne enjoys most.  For forthcoming performances see the diary page.