Voice workshop - core vocal connection

The sound of our voice is part of our individual identity. We are born with a unique vocal resonance that stays with us throughout our lives, changing, adjusting and moving through life's different stages.

Understanding this unique voice is a way of connecting with who we are.

Core Vocal Connection workshops offer you an opportunity to explore your voice. The workshops are designed to improve the tonal quality and pitch for singing or speaking and to help you understand the unique sound of your voice. Taking time to listen, hear and make vocal sound is a wonderful way to nourish and nurture ourselves and our voice.

In the workshops we play with vocal sound using pitched (sung) and unpitched (unsung) sounds, vocal improviations and experimentation, incorporating silence, rhythm and movement as appropriate.

The workshops end by creating a group vocal improvisation.  

Cost: £30 advance. £40 OTD. (£35 conc).

Places are limited so advance booking is advised. Book here.

Contact: movingtone@gmail.com or phone: 01865 880858