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This workshop takes place on  Saturday,  7 February 2015 betwee 10am and 4pm at the Old Fire Station  Arts Centre, George St., Oxford



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The sound of our voice is part of our individual identity. We are born with a unique vocal resonance that stays with us throughout our lives, changing, adjusting and moving through life’s different stages.

This Core Vocal Connection workshop offers the opportunity to explore your unique voice. The workshop is designed to improve the tonal quality and pitch for singing or speaking and to help you understand the authentic sound of your voice. Taking time to listen, hear and make vocal sound is a wonderful way to nourish and nurture yourself and your voice.

In the workshop we play with vocal sound using pitched (sung) and unpitched (unsung) sounds, vocal improvisations and experimentation, incorporating silence, rhythm and movement as appropriate. 

The workshop will end with creating and presenting a vocal improvisation together.

What to wear Please wear loose clothing and light shoes or thick socks (not trainers). Bring a yoga mat, light blanket and water with you.

How to payCost is £45/£40 on the day, £35 in advance. Places are limited so advance booking is advised. You can link through to the OFS webpage for more information and to purchase a place.

If you have any questions, please call 07712 414762

Fractofusus Seasonal InflectionsThe four women musicians of Fractofusus met through the Oxford Improvisers. They use improvisation, music scores, extended vocality, individual and collaborative composition, pitched and unpitched sounds in performances of experimental and new music, ranging in style from conventionally notated scored and semi-scored pieces to completely free improvisation.

The ancient life form known as Fractofusus was able to feed efficiently from the surrounding ocean by means of its fractal fronds. Similarly, the different musical backgrounds of these musicians meld in performance, creating an original, varied sound in which musical ideas feed off each other in continuous response to the immediate environment.

Musicians: Anne L Ryan (Voice/vocals), Camilla Cantata (trombone/piano/vocals), Jill Elliott (fiddles/vocals), Trish Elphinstone (Saxophone/vocals)

Website: Fractofusus

Venue: St Michael at the Northgate, Oxford

Quartz crystal sound healing bowl
guided by Jackie Singer, Marguerite Wallis
and Anne L Ryan

An evening of sacred song from Taize, a monastic, ecumenical community in France, well know for its meditative music.  Please come expecting to sing! 

No singing experience is necessary to enjoy this wonderful evening in the Great Hall of The Abbey lit by candles and warmed with the glow of a log fire.

Starts: 7.30pm

Venue website: The Abbey, Sutton Courtenay


Performed and directed by Irish vocalist Anne L Ryan. 

With support by 4 women composers Fractofusus

As part of the Oxford International Women’s Festival 2012 Irish vocalist Anne L Ryan will present Jibb Rishes Songologue, a vocal clown at the Old Fire Station, George Street, Oxford on Friday, 9 March, 8pm.  Tickets: £10, £8 (concession).  Buy on-line: 

For more information call OFS: 01865 263980 or Moving Tone: 01865 880858.

A vocal clown brings to life glimpses of her past on and off the stage, through songs and vignettes set against an evocative soundscape.  The character of Jibb Rish is from a by-gone world that she recreates for us with a modern twist. Blending the essence of this ancient world within a modern day reality of ‘quantitative easing’, ‘megabucks, and ‘wonga’, Jibb Rish creates a whirl-wind songologue that is quizzical, funny and moving.

Jibb Rish portrays her past using ethnic song (Irish, Spanish, Yiddish, Georgian), Anglo-Irish verse with Cage, Beckett and Kagel participating in the dramatic back-drop. Jibb Rish has many voices that come to life through sounding, vocalising, original composition and songs - a songologue;  a diva's delight, Jibb Rishes Songologue portrays a sting within the honeycomb story.


Jibb Rishes Songologue received its premiere at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas in October 2010. It is a constantly evolving vocal music theatre song cycle; a series of independent scenarios revealing glimpses of Jibb Rishes vocal clown story.  Watch video.


“It was a virtuoso performance that was emotionally full-bodied, sensitive, satirical, warm and outgoing. It was great theatre, an impressive development of an exciting new genre”Rychard Carrington, Cambridge Music Critic

Jibb Rishes Songologue is one of the strangest and most engaging things you'll ever see ... the evening for me was mainly about the continuing power of real, warts-out, beautiful moon-gazing lunatic storytellers”.                        Sophie Lewis, Review, Daily Information, Oxford

“Congratulations to singer Anne L Ryan for her video Jibb Rishes Monologue which engages, confronts and re-imagines aspects of Irishness.”       BRIGHTON IRISH SOCIETY:


Fractofusus are a collaborative quartet of four women musician improvisers Trish Elphinstone on Saxes and vocals; Jill Elliott (fiddles and vocals), Camilla Cancantata (trombone, piano and vocals), Anne L Ryan (voice and vocals), plus their collective voices.



Starting on Thursday evening, 15 September 2011 Anne will lead a choir in the Hall at the Abbey in Sutton Courtenay.  Continuing the exploratory vocal group work she has been doing at the Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living Anne will explore the group's own vocal sound as well as teaching songs, chants, rounds and three-part harmony.

The autumn term dates are:

Thursday, 15 September to Thursday, 8 December inclusive, with a break during half term week - Thursday, 27 October.

The cost per session is £6. (£72 for 12 sessions) Paid advance £60 for the term.

(Concession £5.50 : £66 for 12 sessions) Paid advance £60 for the term.

Please let Anne know if you wish to come along. Email her or call her on 01865 301702.


An evening of voice, improvisation, song, works and text-pieces led by vocalist Anne L Ryan with special guests including Kath Lucas (voice), Laura Mortimer (voice), Jill Elliott (fiddle & voice),Pete McPhail (reeds), Julian Faultless (horn), Dan Goren(trumpet) and Paul Medley (reeds) with additional members of the Oxford Improvisers Co-op.  Anne will perform "The Necessary", a voice text piece the result of a collaboration with Stuart Russell (2009).

The vocal clown's many voices assume the role of the traditional clown-face. The sounds and music of Gibb Rish are memories of her life on and off stage. Surreal threads of Anglo-Irish and original song with Cage, Beckett and Kagel weaving their way through the fragments. Quizzical, funny and moving, this experimental vocal theatre show is performed by charismatic vocalist Anne L Ryan, and directed by Loré Lixenberg.

Gibb Rishes Songologue received its premiere at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas in October 2010. It is a vocal theatre song cycle; a series of independent scenarios revealing glimpses of the story whilst also reflecting the heritage of clowning as a form of folk theatre.  Read reviews

As Anne L Ryan explains: “In traditional music, people and their lives and emotions come first.  It's not an abstract technical exercise in composition.  It's about communicating with the audience in front of you in an authentic way, and that is what this production is all about.”

The music of Gibb Rishes Songologue was developed in a series of collaborations between Moving Tone's creative director, Anne L Ryan, and composers Stuart Russell and Simon Fell.

A tour of Gibb Rishes Monologue is being planned for 2012.

Voice and Sound Workshop

Location: Centre for Healthy Living, Baldock Road, Letchworth, Hertfordshire SG6 3NA

This voice and sound workshop for adults encourages you to sing out. Exploring sound, rhythm and song taking time to blend our voices to resonate together.

Saturday,  15 October 201,  2-5pm

Contact details: 07712 414762

£20 advance; £25 on the day.